Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Samovar Tea Party

The Persian tea party continues! So far this week we've talked about brewing and sweetening tea, but did you know that, like Russians, Iranians also use the samovar? Using a kettle on the stove is still the most common way to make tea, but when there is a special occasion or a big group of guests, many will use the samovar. My friends are usually surprised to find out that there are also savomars in Iran, but they are actually quite common. When I was little, my relatives gave me a couple of miniature, decorative samovars that I used to host my tea parties.

My miniature samovars
My grandmothers always have an electrical samovar going so we can serve ourselves tea throughout the day. Even in the U.S., my mom has it on when my siblings and I are all at home. There is just something cozy about having the samovar bubbling in the corner and serving tea from it. 

Old samovars, like the ones pictured below, used charcoal. We used these two at my uncle's house in Taleghan. The backdrop of the mountains covered in green velvet made the tea so much more delicious. As Iranians say, chasbeed, it stuck

 Many of the restaurants and tea houses in the popular Darband area of northern Tehran brew tea in samovars and serve it with ghand or nabaat.

I think brewing tea in a samovar is a little more "romantic", but rest assured, no matter how you do it, a good cup of tea solves (almost) everything!


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