Sunday, May 26, 2013

Persian Poetry Sunday

There was once a drop of water, it joined the sea
There was once a speck of dust, it regained the earth
What's the significance of your entrance and exit from this world?
No more than the appearance and disappearance of a housefly

یک قطره آب بود با دریا شد
یک ذره خاک با زمین یکتا شد
آمد شدن تو اندرین عالم چیست
آمد مگسی پدید و ناپیدا شد

Yek ghatreye ab bood, ba darya shod
Yek zarreye khak ba zamin yekta shod
Amad shodane to andarin alam chist
Amad magasi padid o napeyda shod

                             --Omar Khayyam

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