Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Street Snacks of Darband

One of my favorite spots in Tehran is Darband. As you wind your way up the mountain in this part of northern Tehran, you can find all sorts of snacks and restaurants to choose from. It's hard not to stop every few paces and grab a little something to eat or just snap a picture. 

One of the most common stands you'll see is for dried sour plums and fruit roll-up, lavashak. There are all kinds of flavors including plum, berries, and sour cherry among others. 

Balal, corn, is another common treat you will come across. It's common to find these street vendors throughout any city, especially in park areas. Balal is grilled over a fire and then soaked in a bucket of salt water. In the U.S., my family often adds balal as a nice little Iranian addition to American BBQ. 

Other common snacks include fresh berries like shah toot, blackberries, and toot, mulberries. Plenty of goje sabz is also available. These little green plums are so sour they are eaten with salt to balance out the taste.  

Jars of fresh gerdoo, walnuts, soaked in salt water and baghali, fava beans, are other favorites. You can add some vinegar and golpar, angelica seeds, to the baghali. And when the weather is cold, there is the nice option of delicious ash reshteh, noodle soup.

If you have a sweet tooth, pashmak, cotton candy, might be a nice option! 

This final one isn't so much of a common street snack. I just came across this interesting chip flavor. As it turned out, kebab flavored chips are the Iranian version of BBQ. 


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