Sunday, May 26, 2013

Word of the Day- خودمانی - khodemooni

Have you ever found yourself unable to find the right word in your first language to describe something, but you know the exact word in another language? That's what happened to me to inspire today's word of the day:

خودمانی / khodemooni 

Khodemoon means ourselves. It's hard to come up with a one word translation of khodemooni, but it implies a sense of familiarity. It's a sentiment that describes a strong sense of closeness and comfort between people. 

Close groups of friends will often use this term. For example, if they want to have a party, they might make it khodemooni, almost like exclusive. Instead of inviting a big group of people, they just invite their very tight-knit group of friends to make a more intimate, comfortable atmosphere. "Let's just invite Pari, Sarah, and Leila and make it khodemooni."

Another way that you could use this word is for places. I remember this restaurant in Berlin that I loved because it was so khodemooni. There were just 5 or 6 tables, and the guests would not change throughout the night. You would go at 8pm and stay the entire evening, so you could enjoy a nice meal and conversation without worrying about other people waiting for a table. It was run by a husband and wife who cooked the most delicious homemade dishes that were served in several courses. This kind of cozy atmosphere made the restaurant khodemooni. "The restaurant last night was great! The food was amazing, and it was so khodemooni."

Try this word out next time you are with your close group of friends!


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