Friday, May 31, 2013

Word of the Day- mesle bolbol

So you know that I like to give a little intro to my word of the day inspiration. And here it is: One of my co-workers is starting to pick up some Persian words and phrases here and there. I told her that in a few months time, she would be speaking Persian mesle bolbol.

مثل بلبل / mesle bolbol / fluently

Mesle bolbol literally means like a nightingale. "You won't believe it! Aleksandra spent a month in Iran, and now she speaks Persian mesle bolbol." This is not specific to the Persian language, of course. It can be used for any language. "After being married to her Italian husband of 20 years, she speaks the language mesle bolbol." It's worth noting here that mesle bolbol is usually used when complimenting someone else's language skills. It would sound a little pompous to say "Why, yes, I speak Spanish mesle bolbol."  

So why a nightingale? Remember that we Iranians are quite the poetic people, from loving you so much that we could eat your liver to sacrificing ourselves for you when we want to say goodbye. It just makes sense that regarding language matters, one should be compared to the ever-so elegant nightingale. Besides, wouldn't you rather speak a language like a nightingale than just... fluently?


Mesle bol bol means fluently in Persian Farsi language


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