Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I'm a language teacher and learner, and for me, one of the best ways to learn a language is through music. As a teacher, I use music in my lesson plans to teach grammar and vocabulary. As a language learner, I love being able to sing in another language, and if it's with a crowd of people, well, that's even more fun! Whenever I visit a country, I always come back with either a list of songs that I heard or a bunch of CDs. While I enjoy the popular songs, I especially like to know the classic songs of a particular country. I really got into this when I lived in Italy, so I still have my stack of vintage Italian singers from Mina to Fabrizio de Andre. When I visited Serbia, I felt so left out when everyone was having fun on the river cruise singing Serbian classics. But you better believe that the next time I find myself in a kafana in Belgrade, I'll make my best friend proud (or completely embarrass her) by belting out Halid Beslic's Miljacka louder than anyone else! 

So today I present My Persian Corner's first music mix with the smiling camel seal of approval for your listening and educational pleasure. If you are interested in Iranian culture, as I'm sure you are since you are reading this, then this is the first bunch of essential classics that you should be familiar with- from Googoosh to Vigen, Ebi to Hayedeh. Of course there are more, but we are just getting started here. All Iranians know these songs and hearing them, I'm sure, makes them nostalgic. I have a memory from each and every one of these- some from Iran and from my cousins, others because I grew up with my parents listening to them. In fact, every time it rains, I still think of my dad singing Vigen's Baroon Baroone because he does that when it rains. 

If you know these songs already, I'm sure you will think yadesh bekheyr! If you don't, what better time to start familiarizing yourself with them and polishing your Persian!

Download the mix and start singing here!

**In case you are having trouble downloading, here is the list:

Davood Behboodi- Asal 
Ebi- Jabe javaher
Googoosh- Kaj kolah khan
Googoosh- Kavir
Googoosh- Man amadeam 
Googoosh- Mano to
Hayedeh- Shabe eshgh
Hayedeh- Gole sangam
Hassan Golnaraghi- Mara beboos
Nahid- Baba Karam
Shohreh- Kalagh dom siah
Vigen- Chera nemiraghsi 
Vigen- Baroon Baroone
Vigen- Zane ziba



  1. Pontia,

    I enjoy reading your blog and looking at your photos of Iran. It's such a nice treat. Thank you so much for all the hard work and time that you put into your site.

    Happy holidays and I still look forward to meeting you in-person,


    1. Leila joon, thank you so much for your sweet message! And thank you for reading and your support. I greatly appreciate it! I look forward to meeting you in person, too! Happy holidays!


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