Sunday, June 23, 2013

Persian Poetry Sunday

When your heart becomes the grave of your secret,
that desire of yours will be gained more quickly.
The Prophet said that anyone 
who keeps secret his inmost thought
will soon attain the object of his desire.
When seeds are buried in the earth,
their inward secrets become the flourishing garden.

Someone with a clear and empty heart 
mirrors images of the Invisible.
He becomes intuitive and certain
of our innermost thought,
because "the faithful are a mirror for the faithful."

Know the mirror of the heart is infinite.
Either the understanding falls silent,
or it leads you astray,
because the heart is with God,
or indeed the heart is He.

Those with mirrorlike hearts
do not depend on fragrance and color:
they behold Beauty in the moment.
They've cracked open the shell of knowledge
and raised the banner
of the eye of certainty.
Thought is gone in a flash of light.


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