Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Proud to be Iranian

It seems that Iranians have had plenty of sleepless nights lately. This past weekend, people took to the streets in celebration of the newly elected president, Hassan Rouhani. Today, Iranians once again had plenty of reason to celebrate as Iran officially secured a spot at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Impromptu parties started all throughout the streets with people waving the flag, honking their horns and chanting "Iran! Iran!" I remember the night of the World Cup 1998 Iran-USA game. I was lucky to be in Iran that night amidst the all-night celebration. The game hadn't even ended yet and cars had already begun honking their horns outside. As soon as the game ended, we were in the car partying with everyone else, stuck in bumper to bumper traffic that you never knew existed at 3 am. We had won the entire World Cup as far as we were concerned. 

We Iranians are quite proud of our nation and heritage to begin with. But especially with these recent events, it's no wonder that I use not only today's word of the day, but 2 others as well! 

افتخار / eftekhar / pride 

Be Iran eftekhar kon! Be proud of Iran.

Man be Irooni budanam eftekhar mikonam. I am proud to be Iranian. 

Dame Iraniha va bachehaye teame melli Iran garm! Be shoma eftekhar mikonim!

Get ready for the Iranians, Brazil. You may have the samba, but soon you will learn to gher like an Iranian!


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