Monday, June 3, 2013

Word of the Day- begu magu

Today's word of the day goes along with the post Camel Country

بگو مگو / begu magu/ argument (slang, informal language)

Iranians are fond of rhyming words together. Sometimes it's necessary to say both words, as in the case of begu magu. But other times, for some reason, simply saying one word is not enough. "I have to finish my kar mar." Kar means work. Mar means nothing. (Ok, so it actually means snake, but combined with kar it doesn't mean anything. It's just there to rhyme.) Persian has so many of these kinds of words, that I'm dedicating the next series of WODs to these types of words. I know I relate everything back to the Iranian love of poetry, but really, what other reason is there for all the rhyming? 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's rhyming words.


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