Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Word of the Day- fes fes kardan

In keeping with the theme of rhyming or double-word words of the day, I present you with:

فس فس کردن / fes fes kardan / to be really slow; to take your time (slang)

For you Persian language learners out there, you will recognize kardan as being the verb that you conjugate. When you are waiting on someone, and they are taking their sweet time to do something, fes fes mikonand, they are doing fes fes. "I've been waiting for you for 30 minutes! Fes fes mikoni!" Or if you want someone to hurry up, you could tell them Fes fes nakon!, don't fes fes!

Growing up, my brother used to drive me to school in the morning. I remember a few times when he would be waiting because I wasn't ready yet. When I would finally come down, he would taunt me by saying fes...fes...fes...fes making it very clear to me that I was annoyingly slow and that he had been waiting the whole time. 

Do you tend to fes fes? 

♥ Pontia

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