Friday, June 21, 2013

Word of the Day- loos

Today's word of the day is a bit of a faux amis. Loos is often used to describe girls, but it should not be mistaken with the English loose, even though it is pronounced the same way.

لوس / loos / spoiled; prissy

In my opinion, the Kardashian sisters are the epitome of loos. Even their whiny voices that are spoofed by the ladies of SNL would be classified as loos. 

Loos harf mizanan. They speak in a prissy way.

These days many children are loos because their parents spoil them so much. If you are whining or trying to be cute in an immature way, someone may tell you loos nakon or khodeto loos nakon, don't be so prissy! 

Loos can also be lame. When one of my cousins was little, she got upset with her older sister for something she had said and cried Loooooooos! In the way she meant it, what her sister had said was totally lame! 



  1. good on yeah for posting these info here.

  2. Pontia aziz,
    I love your blog! There's a lot of time and love in it! :-)
    Such an invaluable help for me (beeing German) learning persian - my vocabulary and knowledge of these inside-things increased so much - thank you for it and please don't stop!
    Yet another question remains... do you possibly happen to write about what it means to "kutâh âmadan" (or "kutâh nemiâm)...?
    Again thanxxx a lot,
    Awsome work :-)

    1. Thank you so much for reading it and for your kind comments. I'm glad that it's helpful. I haven't written about "Kutah amadan" yet, but that's a great one, and I will soon. Thanks again for reading!


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