Sunday, June 23, 2013

Word of the Day- mah

In honor of the Supermoon:

ماه / mah / moon; month

Not only does mah mean moon or month, but when you call a woman (not a man) mah, it means you think that she is wonderful and beautiful and perfect in every aspect! Why? Because in Iranian culture, the moon is a symbol of beauty- especially mahe shabe chahardah, the full moon

Khaharam kheyli mahe! My sister is a real moon [wonderful, beautiful, etc]. 

If there is something you can do really well, you do it mesle mah, like the moon.

She can speak Persian mesle mah! (With languages, of course, you can also use mesle bolbol.)

She can cook mesle mah

She sings mesle mah!

Hoping I'll catch a glimpse of the Supermah tonight! 


Mah means moon or month in Persian Farsi language



  1. Great post! 👍 I've noticed that some female names also include the word 'mah', like Mahtab, and Mahsa. Do you know other examples? 🌙

    1. Thank you! I can think of a few others like Mahya, Mahshid, Mahrokh, Mahnaz, Mahvash :)

    2. Mamnoon! Another one I just remembered is Maahni. Does it fit the pattern?

      BTW: What is the literal meaning of "mahe shabe chahardah"? I guess it has something to do with "fourteen", since the Moon takes about 28 days from one new moon to the next and the full moon is halfway in between.

    3. Khahesh mikonam :) I'm not sure about Maahni. Doesn't sound familiar to me.

      And you are right about "mahe shabe chahardah". It just means 'full moon'.


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