Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Good Omen

I was reading this weekend when it started pouring rain. There is no weather I love more than rain- whether it's just sprinkling, drizzling, pouring, I love it! In fact, some of my fondest memories from living in Italy are all rain related- waiting it out in the metro in Milan, sheltered under the porticoed streets of Turin, taking refuge in a friendly stranger's apartment lobby in Bologna, and drenched and basking in the joy of having the Spanish Steps all to myself in Rome. From what I've heard about London, I would do great there. So as if I weren't already in a good mood from the rain, before I knew it, a beautiful rainbow popped out, and I scrambled to take a photo of it. Instead of hitting the camera icon on my phone, I hit the Pandora app which is perpetually on my Brazilian station. Frustrated, I got out of Pandora and finally managed to take a picture of the rainbow and just then my favorite Astrud Gilberto's honey voice started singing Goodbye Sadness, and I knew it was no accident that I hit Pandora. I took this all به فال نیک , be fale nik, a good omen. (For all you Persian learners out there, use this phrase with the verb گرفتن gereftan.) I don't exactly know why I took this as a good omen, but for better or worse, it doesn't take much for me to see some other worldly meaning in everyday events. But even if I had a shadow of a doubt that I shouldn't take this be fale nik, later that evening, I saw a fireworks show across the way right from the comfort of my own balcony. 

Often times Iranians will take little events like these be fale nik. Or on a particularly auspicious day, they will begin something new, taking that day be fale nik. I'll hear this from my parents or relatives a lot that "Today is so-and-so's birthday/Eid/Nowruz/etc, so take it be fale nik and do (x)." Even buying new clothes calls for a good omen- new clothes, new beginnings. So maybe that's why with any event, in the back of my mind, I take it as a good omen. Chera ke na?, Why not?

I'm sure to some this means absolutely nothing- I saw a rainbow and fireworks. Ok, that means I'm a mere 8-year-old stuck in the body of a __ year old. Or maybe I'm just reaching for a blog entry here. But life is short. Why shouldn't we see greater meaning behind everyday seemingly ordinary occurrences? What's the harm, really, if it makes you finally do something or see something in a positive light or just puts you in a good mood? It might sound crazy, but in the meantime, I'm taking it all be fale nik.


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