Friday, July 5, 2013

Movie of the Week- Tala va Mes

This week I watched Tala va Mes, Gold and Copper, for the second time. I first saw this movie in the theater in Tehran about 3 years ago and thought it was very sweet and moving. 

Seyed Reza is studying to become a mullah and moves his family from Neyshabur to Tehran so that he can complete his studies. While he studies, his wife, Zahra, takes care of the children, cooks, cleans, and weaves rugs as a way for the family to earn extra money. One night she becomes ill and is taken to the hospital where the doctor diagnoses her, in a less than tactful way, with MS. We see a shift in gender roles as the husband, in addition to his religious studies, takes on the duties of cooking, cleaning, diaper changing, rug weaving, and walking his daughter to school. His neighbor, an elderly woman who takes care of her mentally challenged granddaughter, feels sorry for him, saying khoda hich khane ra bedune zan nagzare, may God never leave any house without a woman. 

When he is forced to take his toddler son with him to his classes, Seyed Reza is often met with scornful looks and mocking from his peers. However, wget a look at a softer side of the Muslim clergy as Seyed Reza, through this hardship, becomes a better husband and father. The nurse assisting his wife also becomes sympathetic toward him and offers some words of wisdom from his wife: khoshbakhti yani didane chizhaye kochik, happiness is seeing the little things.

For Persian speakers, you can watch the movie here.
You can also watch it with English subtitles here.
Or you can watch it dubbed in Spanish here

Hope you enjoy!

♥ Pontia

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