Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ajeel- Persian Trail Mix

The the end of Ramadan is here (though there is some doubt whether it's today or tomorrow). Regardless, lately I've had my mind on food and snacks. I have to say, some perks of fasting are realizing just how much mindless eating I do out of boredom. It's also made me start cooking again because, well, I have time to kill before iftar. And when I do finally eat, it's healthy! No more burgers and chips. No more eating ready made things because it's faster and easier. Since I don't eat all day, I feel like what I do eat should be healthy. 

I still crave something salty and crunchy, though. Enter ajeel- something like trail mix. It's a mix of all kinds of nuts and dried fruits like pestehpistachiosbadamalmondstokhmehseeds like watermelon, pumpkin or sunflower, albaloo khoshkdried sour cherriesanjeerdried figstootmulberrieskeshmeshraisins, etc. The sky's the limit! Mix and match as you please. The store, Tavazo, is especially well-known for their ajeel.

In this store in Tehran, you can mix your own or get pre-mixed ajeel. No salt and vinegar or smokehouse barbeque flavored almonds like you find in the U.S. Just pure, raw or lightly toasted nuts. You'll find a bowl of ajeel on the table in many homes, but it's especially traditional to eat on Shabe Yalda (the longest night of the year), Chaharshanbe Suri (the last Wednesday of the year), and other holidays. 

I hope these healthy eating habits continue for me. Whenever or however you celebrate, I wish you Eid Mubarak!


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