Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Persian Phrase of the Day- del be del rah dare

Have you ever been thinking about someone, and then they call you? Or maybe you call someone and they tell you they were just thinking about you. For me, it seems to happen a lot with my mom, and she always says:

دل به دل راه دارد / del be del rah dare 

Del be del rah dare literally means a heart has a way to a heart. 

What it's actually saying is that human hearts have a connection to each other, without words and from a long distance. It's happened many times that I call home, and my mom answers the phone by saying del be del rah dare! I know this to mean that she was thinking of me at that moment and/or perhaps about to call me too. 

It can also be used as in the following example:
You go to have lunch at a restaurant that you know someone very dear to you also likes (because this phrase is mostly used with someone very aziz, dear, to your heart). Later you talk to that person and say, "I went to X Restaurant for lunch today, and I thought about you." That person says, "Del be del rah dare! I was thinking about you earlier today, too!" 

Sometimes it means that you miss someone. I was speaking to my aunt a couple of weeks ago and said, "I really miss you, khaleh jan." She replied, "Del be del rah dare, khaleh jan," meaning that she misses me, too. 

The more I hear and use this phrase, the more beautiful it seems- del be del rah dare. There is a road between two hearts that are dear to one another. What is more beautiful than that?

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Del be del rah dare | there's a path between hearts | Persian | Farsi


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  1. Simply put .. my understanding is any variation of the following:

    "Heart to Heart; One Path"
    "Two hearts have One Path"

    The basic concept is clear & beautiful; When you find the right heart that matches yours, you will only have one road in life; together!


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