Monday, September 30, 2013

Music Monday: Yas- Sarbaze Vatan

Salam bacheha! It's Music Monday, and what better way to start your week than with some Persian rap? This song was requested by a loyal reader and gave me quite a bit of a challenge, especially considering I have a hard time even understanding rap in English. So I did my best, but please be forgiving my aziz My Persian Corner readers. 

YAS- Sarbaze Vatan

khodeto bede be daste tekstam // give yourself to my words

ye lahze begzar // give it a second 
az fekr o zekr o mashghale // leave your worries
o boro be samte hesam // and feel my emotion
sar tekoon bede // move your head 
hala ba beete OZ // to the beat of OZ
yekam boro to hes o hal o faz o ritme musik // feel the emotion of the rhythm of the music
dard varagh ghalam hadaf hamash rabte khasi // pain, paper, pen, goal, all have a special relationship
daran be owj o rosht o pishrafte rap-e farsi // progressing Persian rap
man o to bayad ta tah to sahne vaystim // you and I have to stay until the end of the scene
midunam ino to ham movafegh ba harfe yasi // I know that even you agree with YAS on this
man mikham to mokh beram ye kami harj o marj konam // I want to go in the brain and create chaos
dard o ranje man be sabke rap tarjomash konam // translate my pains in the form of rap
dars o mashghe man neveshtan ast az to az khodam // my studies are writing from you and me
to pas bezar ke rap konam az omghe dard mardomam // so let me rap from the depths of my people's pains
khob? // ok?
miduni man maser ro goftehaye pisham // you know I am insistent on what I've said
doshmanaye ma dalile ofte ma nemishan // our enemies will never bring us down
khoftehaye dishab hala bidar tarinan // last nights dreams are now wide awake
hame dar ghofl bood man az divar paridam // all the doors were locked, I jumped over the wall

bebin dastam een gheseha ro minevise mige // see my hand writing these tales
ba yek khodkar ke eyne teegh teeze ine // with a pen, sharp like a razor
ke minevise dige az kineyee ke pire // writing about old feelings
vali be samte pishraft sine khiz mire // but crawling toward progress  

rahmat be un kasike poshtame beshmar // bless those behind me, count them
lanat be un kasike doshmane beshmar // curse those who are enemies, count them
rap nardebune roshdame to cheshmam // rap is my ladder toward growth 
maghsad ke tuye moshtame be ejbar // this destination that I had to grab
hastam to shok ruzhaye ghadimo // I'm still in shock of the old days 
vali hanuzam mikonam shokr ostaye karimo // But I still thank God
hanuz kalameha ro minevisam ba seda ghat chon // I still write the words with honestly because 
yek lahze vaysta bebinam engar seda ghat shod // wait a minute, I think we lost the sound
mohem nist bedune beat mirim man o to // it's not important, you and I will go on without a beat
bebin ta vaghte paye bashi vaseye paya man // as long as you're standing by me
beat zood khodesho miresoone ba sedaye man // the beat will catch up with my voice
ma bachehaye zirzamini // we are children of the underground
zajeha ro mizanim // we'll keep yelling 
harfe ma ro mishnaveeno // you will hear our words
tak setare mishaveem // we'll be lone stars 
sabke bartar man takhte kardam // my style gets better 
dararo hata saghf ro kandam ta sadre jadval beshinam // I've torn down the doors and ceilings to be on top
beshinam kenarat // sit next to you
bechinam setareh // to capture the stars
man midam edame // I'll continue
va inam sedame //and this is my voice
ke miraghse ba to // that dances with you
ghalam milaghse ta sobh // my pen writes until morning
are in darse ma shod // this is our lesson
pas to in lahze pasho // so in this moment get up
vaseye jang be donbale hes o hal nagard // don't look to war for thrills
chonke unke bord hich vaght estekhare nakard // because the winner never counted on chance
tuye hal o sal khubi mesle sale navad // in a good mood and year like the 90s
hame dasta mire bala be eftekhare vatan // all hands go up in honor of our land


poshtekare man roshtekare man // my perserverance, my growth  
to poshtebane man khosh be hale man // you're my supporter, lucky me
ma goshneha harf morde koshtehaye rap // we're hungry to talk, die-hard for rap
ba kalamehaye geruntar az boshgehaye naft // with words more expensive than a barrel of oil
te bede // give me a "t"
ta to too tahrim o taht taghib // till the end of sanctions 
be bede // give me a "b" 
ba badtarin balaha baz bejangim // have to battle with the worst conditions
mim bede // give me a "m" 
ma mast o mangim mesle marge maghzi // we are high and drunk, like brain dead 
re bede // give be an "r"
ghalam be dastim ghasam be nasli // pen in hands, vows to a generation
ke pa be pashun roozhayee ke sukht dadim // we were with them for all the days that burned
az jense hamim // we are the same
hamdigar ro doost darim // we care for each other
?? be range parchamet be sarzaminet // ?? the colors of the flag, your land
ke ghermez o sefid o sabz o manam az samime // that's red and white and green, and I am too
ghalbam hastam ta tuye donya sedam bepiche // from the bottom of my heart, until my voices echoes in the world
yas to owje dard haminja edame mide // Yas will continue through this pain
Iran mohem nist be daste ki edare mishe // it doesn't matter who runs Iran
adam hamishe to mahdudiyat ha setare mishe // people always become stars in restrictions



  1. wow
    fantastic, thank you so much
    damet garm, kheyli moteshakkeram

  2. hezaran boosse mi arzi, does that mean a thousand kisses you deserve? :-)

  3. Wow! That was mind-blowing. I don't envy you trying to transcribe that. well done :-)
    susan H


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