Monday, October 21, 2013

Music Monday: 0111- The Last Dance

About 5 years ago on one of my trips to Iran, I heard this song, but noone seemed to know who the singer was. I stopped by every music store in Tehran trying to describe the song so I could get a copy of it but had no luck. Finally, one store miraculously figured out what I was talking about and produced a CD by 0111, an R&B/rap band whose name is the area code for the city of Babol in the north of Iran. They are still one of my favorite Iranian bands, and I have so much fun singing along to them. Hope you enjoy!

0111- The Last Dance

bi man boro // go without me 
ye lahze nemikham toro // I don't want you for a minute
dige tamum shod hame chi beyne man o to // everything is over between me and you
man o to // me and you 
yade ahdi ke basti // remember the vow you gave
chetor mikhayi mano faramush koni // how come you want to forget me?
chetor mikhayi shame khaterato khamush koni // how come you want to blow out the candle of memories
behet goftam, doostet daram // I told you I love you
behem gofti, hesi behet nadaram // you told me I have no feelings for you
boro biroon az zendegim // get out of my life 
az negat bizaram // I hate your look

boro dige nemikham tamum shi // go I don't want you to end up
to chesham mesle ye joghde koor shi // in my eyes like a blind owl
doostet dashtam vali azam gozashti // I loved you, but you went away
hala boro bebin ki doostet dare // now go see who loves you
hame chizasho be pat mizare // who will let you walk over him
unam shaba barat bidare // he'll also stay up nights for you
mah o setare ro to shabet miyare // he'll bring the moon and stars at night

be rahet edame bede // continue your way
be delet bad ra nade // don't let anything bad in your heart
bebinam aslan to een modat delet tang shode // let me see, have you even missed me in this time?
midunam nashode // I know you haven't 
base ghose, base geryezari // enough sadness, enough crying
base een hame shab o rooz bigharari // enough of these days and nights of restlessness
nemikham toro // I don't want you 
mohem nist kojayee // it's not important where you are
bade een hame vaght sarneveshtam shod jodayee // after all this time, my fate became breaking up


man kheyli doostet dashtam o mano shekasti // I really loved you and you broke me
rafti roo boome digari neshasti // you went to someone else
chera azam gozashti // why did you leave me?

az avalam nabayad mishodam heyrunet // I shouldn't have been so crazy in love with you from the beginning
to leyliye ghese ha manam majnoonet // you were the Leyli of the fairytales and I was your Majnoon (a story like Romeo and Juliet)
behem kardi khianat, lanat be to // you betrayed me, damn you
dashtim koli hekayat, lanat be to // we had quite a story, damn you
vaghti nadidi delam shode tange to // when you didn't see me miss you
har moghe pisham avaz mikardi range to // you would change your color for me every second
dele shisheyimo shekast dele sange to // your heart of stone broke my heart of glass
ye rooz ba ye eshghe dige miyam jange to // one day I'll go to war with you with another love 

bebin yare ba'adit cheghadr doost dare // see how much your next guy loves you
unam mitune cheshmake setare biyare // can he also bring your the stars
tanham gozashti fekr kardi karam tamume // you left me alone and thought I was done for
bebin een lahze ha ke bahet budam harume // the time I was with you was wasted

istadam jelo moshgelat mesle sakhre // I stood in front of the problems like a rock
taghate didan nadari // you can't bear to look
nakone ke sakhte // maybe it's too hard
dige dare rabetaro mikonam takhte // I flatten the lines of communication
to shekast mikhori // you'll lose

♥ Pontia

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