Monday, October 14, 2013

Music Monday: Arash- Behnaz

Today's song is from Arash, an Iranian-Swedish singer, who has gained popularity not only among Iranians, but around the world as well. I remember hearing his songs on the radio in Germany. In this song, he's singing about his love, Behnaz. 

I think this song is pretty helpful to practice conjugates of words with you and I. And while we are on the subject, I read this article a while back about Arash's Persian accent and thought it was a really interesting analysis. 

(Unfortunately there was no good video to go along except this one. For a bit higher quality, click here.) 

Arash- Behnaz

behem begoo, behem begoo // tell me, tell me
doostam dari // you love me 
behet migam, behet migam // I'll tell you, I'll tell you
doostet daram // I love you

(refrain 1)
bad joor khater kham // I've fallen for you hard
bi to hicham //without you, I'm nothing
donyaye man faghat to-ee // my world is only you
ay yay yay yay

(refrain 2)
akhe Behnaz to // cause oh Behnaz do you
mikhayi ba man bashi? // want to be with me?
jaye to khalist // you're place is empty
vaghti azam doori // when you are far from me

(refrain 3)
aya Behnaz to // Behnaz do you
mikhayi ba man bashi // want to be with me?
delam barat tange // I miss you
hamzabune man // [companion] who speaks my language
zendegi birange bedoone to // life has no color without you

azize man, sheytoone man // my dear, my mischievous dear
jaye to khalist // you're place is empty
oomadanet che shirine // your coming is so sweet
bi to safa nist // without you there is no happiness

Refrain 1
Refrain 2
Refrain 3
Refrain 2
Refrain 3



  1. Did anybody notiice that Arash sings always with the most beautiful female singers. ? :-)

    Great article as always Pontia joon, ghorboonet beram!

    1. Haha, very true! Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed it :)

  2. Link removed due copyright infringement, leaving no good recordings apart from this one without video:

    If you really love this man (I don’t especially!), try him singing Behnaz to guitar in his recording studio in this Manoto TV docu. Starts at around 9:35:


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