Monday, October 7, 2013

Music Monday: Moein- Bigharar

How about some Bandari music this week? Bandar means port, and this lively rhythm is very typical of the music that comes from the southern port cities. The dancing you see (especially the shoulder shake) is also very typical of bandari music. Enjoy!

Moein- Bigharar

baraye didane to bighararom // I'm restless to see you
ta biyam az safar // until I come back from my journey
biyam o halghe bar dar bezanom // to come and knock on your door
ke oomadam bikhabar // because I came unannounced 
miyam ta sar bezaram rooye sinat // I come to put my head on your chest
ta ke bavar koni // until you believe
nafasgire baram // it takes my breath away 
bi to dige zendegiye bisamar // life without you is barren

elahi man fadat // I'll sacrifice myself for you
fadaye oon cheshat // sacrifice myself for your eyes
mikham inamo beduni // I want you to know 
ke mimiram barat // that I would die for you
(hala yarom bia, deldarom bia // now come my dear, come my sweetheart
del mayle to dare // my heart desires you
sezavarom bia // come my worth)

miyam ta atre moohat // I come so that the perfume of your hair 
baz dobare be tanam joon bede // revives my body again
miyam ta garmiye booseye to // I come so that the warmth of your kiss
be ragam khoon bede // gives blood to my veins
bekesh daste mohabat bar sare man // stroke my head with your kind hand
khastegimo begir // to rid me of my fatigue 
bezar omri bemoonam // let me stay a lifetime 
tooye daste mehraboonet asir // captive in your kind embrace


saret ro tekye gaham kon // make your head by resting place 
mohabat ro faraham kon // provide kindness
to oon cheshmoone ashegh o // make those amorous eyes 
bia fanoose raham kon // the lantern to light my path
kenare to age basham // if I am next to you 
hobabe gholeye ghafam // I'm the bubble of Mount Qaf
to shirinam bekhah az man // my sweet, want from me
ke ghalbe kooho beshkafam // to split the heart of the mountain

First verse
Second verse



  1. Bandariiiii! Colourful dresses! Reminds me of pirates. But where is Jack Sparrow :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Aww, glad you enjoyed it, Patiperra. Thanks for reading!

  3. This is so great! Thanks for posting! Iran va Persians ra kheili dust daram! Fantastic blog!

    1. Kheyli mamnoon! So glad you like it! Thank you for reading!


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