Sunday, October 20, 2013

Persian Poetry- Hafiz

Doing my Fale Hafiz this weekend, and this is what I came up with. Enjoy!

The fame of your virtuous deeds
Like my love have reached a peak
Joy is what everyone needs
Neither can fade, nor are weak

Wine, imagination will find
Is outside the realm of mind
No metaphor of any kind
Can transcend wine-speak

My purpose will come about
On the day that I find out
You granted without a doubt
The union that I seek

When with you, I stay
A year is just like a day
And the times you are away
A moment, a year-long streak

A vision of your face
In my dreams I trace
In my wakefulness I chase
My dreams to have a peek

Your grace on my heart bestow
As your love and kindness grow
My weakness will clearly show
Like a crescent, lean and meek

Hafiz, don't groan and blame
If for union you aim
Not for a day or a week
Of separation you must reek

Neither Hafiz's heart is in lessons so grand
Nor the teacher can fully understand.

Ghazal 464, Hafiz


  1. I have always thought Hafiz was one of the world's greatest poets. I have read him for many years.

    1. Agreed! He definitely holds a special place in Iranians' hearts.


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