Monday, November 4, 2013

Music Monday: Mansour- Eshghe Atashi

Salaam, doostan

Sorry I've been away for a bit, but I'm back with a new song to start your week. Enjoy!

Mansour- Eshghe Atashi

vay ke az emrooz // oh from today
ghame farda ra nakhor // don't fret about tomorrow
azizam ghoseye donya ra nakhor // don't worry about the world
harchi mishe bezar beshe //let whatever happens happen
begu ke farda ra khoshe // say that tomorrow is happy
azizam yekdame donya ra khoshe // the world is happy
begu ke farda ra khoshe // say that tomorrow is happy
yekdame donya ra khoshe // the world is happy

maayeem o yek jor'e nafas // it's us and our breath
hameen azizam ma ra bas //that's enough for us my dear
az hame alam bikhial // forget the world 
maayeem o esgh o shoor o hal // it's us and love and excitement 
kolbeye darvishi darim // we have a humble abode 
yek eshghe atishi darim // we have a passionate love 
ma een o yek sofreye noon // that with a spread of bread 
be zire saghfe asemoon // under the ceiling of the sky
maayeem o yare mehraoon // it's us and kind friends
hameen ziad az saremoon // that's more than we need 

maayeem o yare mehraboon // it's us and kind friends
hameen ziad az saremoon // that's more than we need 

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