Monday, December 9, 2013

Music Monday: Ali Azimi- Pishdaramad

Salaam! It's time for a new song on this Monday, and this one has been playing in my head on repeat for the past few weeks. A colleague of mine introduced me to it, and I can't seem to stop listening to it or watching the video since then. Besides just being an awesome song with lyrics you want to sing along with, (cigar misham miram ru labhaat, dood misham miram to riyat) it's got an amazingly original video set to pre- and post- Revolution Iranian movies- each clip matching perfectly with the lyric. I recognize some of the clips, but with others, I find myself wanting to find the movie and watch it. And I'm not the only one. If you look in the comments, people keep asking what movie a specific clip is from. My absolute favorite part of the video is 4:44 until the end. And is it just me, or does the guy in 4:53 look just like Robert DeNiro?

The people behind this song and video- Ali Azimi and Arash Ashtiani- deserve a whole-hearted dame shoma garm

Hope you enjoy this song as much as I do!!

Ali Azimi // Pishdaramad

moshkelam bakhte bad o talkhiye ayam nist // my problem isn't bad luck or bitter times

moshkelam pushundane pineye dastam nist // my problem isn't covering the calluses on my hands 
moshkelam nun nist, ab nist, bargh nist // my problem isn't bread, isn't water, isn't electricity
moshkelam shekastane telesme tanhaist // my problem is breaking this curse of lonliness

agheghunast // [my problem] it's love
yek roozi ham hal mishe // and one day it will be solved
ya ke az baaresh zaanuye man kham mishe // or else my knees will buckle from the weight
zenhaar...zenhaar // watch out, watch out
ke man baad misham miram to muhaat // I'll become the wind and go in your hair
harf misham miram to gushaat // I'll become words and go in your ear
fekr misham miram to kalat // I'll become thoughts and go in your head
man Benz misham miram zire paat // I'll become a Mercedes and go under your feet
faghr misham miram to jibaat // I'll become poverty and go in your pockets
gorg misham miram to galat // I'll become a wolf and go in your flock

sad ta tarafdaar dari // you have a hundred fans
hame to ra doost daran // everyone loves you 
o zehne gereftar dari // you have a busy mind [thinking of others]
dametam garm (x4) // well done 
nazdik misham, door misham // I get close, I get far
balke maghbul // maybe I'll be accepted
dar in rahe por az estreso // in this stressful way and
vasleye najoor besham // become an incompatible match 
ine ghesam (x3) // That's my story

man bargh misham miram to cheshmaat// I'll become light and go in your eyes
ashk misham miram ru gunat // I'll become a tear and go on your cheek
zolf misham miyam ru shunat // I'll become [long, black] hair and go on your shoulder
man baad misham miram to muhaat // I'll become the wind and go in your hair 
cigar misham miram ru labhaat // I'll become a cigarette and go on your lips
dood misham miram to riyat // I'll become smoke and go in your lungs

ay bargh soraaghe man biyaa // Oh light come after me
ke rakhte khaabe man // that my bed 
ba een khiaale khaamam // with my raw illusions
garm nemishe // won't get warm

bi hesaab // without calculations
asraaramo hey daad zadam // I kept shouting my secrets 
hey daad zadam // I kept shouting
bi daleel // without reason
ehsaasamo faryaad zadam // I shouted my feelings
faryaad zadam // I shouted

heyf az in rooza ke man be faak zadam // too bad for the days that I f--
be faak zadam // I f-- (this is not a Persian word-it's clearly taken from English)

yek, do, se, chahar // one, two, three, four
nazdik misham, door misham // I get close, I get far
balke maghbool // maybe accepted
dar in rahe por az estreso // in this stressful way and
vasleye najoor besham // become an an incompatible match
ine ghesam (x3) // that's my story


  1. The link no longer exists, so here's another:

    Nice video. Is that the great kamancheh player Habil Aliyev seen briefly at 4:53? Thanks for the translations btw!! :-)

  2. Wow, thanks for the lyrics, man!


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