Monday, December 23, 2013

Music Monday: Andy- Entezar

Today's song is an old one from Andy, one of the most loved and popular Iranian pop singers. I've used a couple of his videos in posts about the word sheytoon and Iranian superstitions. And just in case you don't believe how big he is, check out this video with him and the one and only Bon Jovi singing Stand By Me. How much more do you love Bon Jovi for singing in Persian? Damesh garm! 

And here is today's song, Entezār, expectation/anticipation.

yeki az rāh mirese // one arrives from the way
oon ke bā eshgh āshenāst // the one who's familiar with love
barāye tanhāyiām // for my loneliness
hediyeye daste khodāst // it's a gift from the hand of God 
engār az jāde miyād // it's as if it comes from the road
booye khoobe dāmanesh // the nice smell of her skirt 
daleele boodane man // the reason for my being 
lahzeye residanesh // is the moment of her arrival
lahzeye residanesh // is the moment of her arrival 

āshnāye man biā  // my acquaintance, come 
dele man tāb nadāre // my heart can't tolerate it
cheshme man az entezā// my eyes from anticipation 
rooz o shab // day and night
khāb nadāre // have no sleep 
bā sedāye khandehāsh // the sound of her laugh 
to goosham zang mizane // rings in my ears
hasrate boodane oon // the desire of her being
sinamo chang mizane // claws at my chest

Repeat 1

cheshme man be rāhe oon // my eyes, waiting for her arrival,
rooz o shab be jadehāst // day and night are on the road 
vaghti az rāh berese // when she arrives 
behtarin vaghte doāst // it is the best time for prayer 
key miyād oon roozi ke // when will the day come that
mehraboone man biyād // my darling comes
oon ke bā oomadanesh // the one that with her arrival 
entezāram sar biyād // my waiting/anticipation ends

Repeat 2

Repeat 1


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