Sunday, December 8, 2013

Persian Poetry- Hafiz

Hafiz mausoleum in Shiraz

A flower, without a friend's face there, I think that isn't good
And springtime, if there isn't wine to drink, that isn't good
A stroll through gardens, or a wooded place, 
without a pretty tulip-blushing face that isn't good
A cypress swaying, and a rose unfolding,
Without a nightingale's melodious scolding that isn't good
A sweet-lipped, sexy lover near, if this is
To be with no embraces and no kisses that isn't good
Wine in a garden can be sweet, but when
We have no friend to talk and listen, then that isn't good
And anything the mind dreams, in the end,
Unless it is the features of our friend, that isn't good
The soul's a useless coin, Hafiz, not worth
Your casting, as an offering, on the earth that isn't good

-- Hafiz, translation by Dick Davis

گل بی رخ یار خوش نباشد
بی باده بهار خوش نباشد
طرف چمن و طواف بستان
بی لاله عذار خوش نباشد
رقصیدن سرو و حالت گل 
بی صوت هزار خوش نباشد
با یار شکرلب گل اندام
بی بوس و کنار خوش نباشد
باغ گل و مل خوش است لیکن
بی صحبت یار خوش نباشد
هر نقش که دست عقل بندد
جز نقش نگار خوش نباشد
جان نقد محقر است حافظ
از بهر نثار خوش نباشد

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