Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winter Wishes

Last night was Shabe Yalda, and I was getting all sorts of messages from friends and family. I got one message from my lovely cousin in Iran and thought it was the perfect poem for today. Unfortunately, I'm not sure where it's from or who wrote it, so I can't give due credit, but the message is wonderful all the same. I hope you enjoy it! And I wish the same for all of you!

Taleghan, Iran

پاییزی را دوست دارم که بارانش فقط برای شستن غمهایت باشد
پاییز رو به اتمام است 
از ته دل سپیدی و زیبایی و آرامش برف زمستان را برایتان آرزو دارم
تا با گرمای قلب پاکتان برای شما دلنشین باشد

عمرتان بلند
آرزوهایتان دست یافتنی
لبتان خندان 
دلتان شاد

I like the fall whose rain exists only to wash away your sorrows
Fall is ending
From the bottom of my heart, I wish that the whiteness, beauty, and calmness of the winter snow
sit with the warmth of your pure heart  

May you have a long life,
Attainable wishes,
Smiling lips,
A joyful heart


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