Friday, February 7, 2014

Fereni Dagh- Iranian Rice Flour Pudding

On these snowy winter days, I find myself making a lot of fereni, a hot rice flour pudding, for breakfast. My mom always made this for us growing up, and I still make it for myself now, but I'd never had it in Iran since I was always there in the summer. 

Fereni with noon ghandi

One day in Neyshabur, my aunts and I went for our morning walk. I remembered that one of my aunts had told me that she had planned to take me for some fereni dāgh, hot fereni, after picking me up from the train station. Well, that plan never panned out, so about 30 minutes into our walk that day, I decided that it was finally time! Of course we couldn't find a cab, but suddenly a man on his way to work clearly felt bad for us 4 women and stopped to give us a ride. That's the thing about Iran- you can do these sorts of things, and it's safe. (Don't get me wrong- I'm not recommending it if you don't know what you are doing or are a single woman. But for Iranians, it's quite normal.) 

The store we went to normally sells ice cream, fruit juices, shakes and such, but in the winter, it's all about fereni, since fereni is a winter breakfast. We just sat down and before we knew it, there were four steaming hot bowls of fereni in front of us. No need to order since that's all they had. It also came with a sizable piece of noon ghandi, sweet bread. It was delicious, and on that freezing morning, chasbeed big time! 

The huge tub of fereni

Fereni is good for people who are gluten free. I'm not good at recipes, but here is roughly what you need for one person:

1 heaping tbsp rice flour
1 c. milk
1 tsp sugar (I don't like mine too sweet)
a tiny splash of rose water
a pinch of cardamon (optional)
cinnamon to top 

Combine the rice flour, sugar, and milk over low - medium-low heat. Once it starts to get hot, you need to constantly stir it so it doesn't stick to the bottom. When it starts to thicken a bit, add the rose water and cardamon (you could even try substituting vanilla). If it's too thick, I usually add a little more milk until it's the consistency that I want. When it's done, top it with cinnamon and nooshe jān!

♥ Pontia

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