Monday, February 3, 2014

Kohan Diyar Gallery in Tehran

On my last night in Tehran, one of my cousins had planned to take me to Bagh Muze Honare Irani, The Garden Museum of Iranian Artists. What a great choice she made because I loved it! Outside in the garden area, there are miniatures of some of the great Iranian sites such as Shamsolemareh, Borge Milad, and Meydun Azadi in Tehran, Si-o-se Pol and Chehel Sotun in Esfahan, and many others. Since we went at night, I'm sure we missed a few others. As you can see, the cats were having a field day both inside and outside this museum! 

After entering the garden, there is a beautiful art gallery on the left called Kohan Diyar Gallery. As soon as I saw the portraits of the Sufi dancers through the window, I beelined for the inside. Turns out the owner has a penchant for this dance known as samā.

The cats couldn't resist napping on the cushy Persian rugs.

Inside the gallery on the left, there were little stalls each with a different theme: evil eye, Sufism, miniature art, pomegranates...
The upper part of the gallery had more artsy furniture and paintings. I loved one of the Sufi samā dancers, so after the manager made a quick phone call to the artist to inquire about the price, it was all bubble wrapped and ready for me to take home. If only I had had more room, there would have been several more items from this gallery in my suitcase. 

Pomegranate Corner
Haji Firooz on the right (kind of like our version of Santa Claus on Norooz)

This Sufi found a happy home in my apartment. 

If you are in Tehran, I highly recommend visiting this gallery (and taking a little break in the coffee shop). It offers a beautiful glimpse of a mix of traditional and contemporary Iranian art. Follow Kohan Diyar Gallery's Facebook page to keep up with special exhibits and events!


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