Monday, February 10, 2014

Music Monday: Ey Joonam- Sami Beigi

In honor of Valentine's Day this Friday, I've chosen a fun song that you can sing to your loved one (or at least choose and brush up on a few good Persian phrases and words of endearment to say to him/her). 

Here is Ey Joonam by Sami Beigi. 

Ey joonam, ghadamāt ru cheshām // my dear, you are welcome
biā o mehmunam sho // come be my guest
garmiye khunam sho // become the warmth of my home
bebin parishune delam // see how my heart is confused
biā o ārumam kon // come console me
ey joonam // oh my dear 
mikhām atre tanet bepiche to khunam // I want the scent of your body to fill my home
to ke nisti ye sargardune divunam // when you aren't here, I'm a crazy wanderer
ey joonam biā ke dāghunam // oh my dear come because I'm ruined [without you]

ey joonam, omram, nafasam, eshgham // my dear, my life, my breath, my love
toyi hame kasam // you are my everything 
vāy ke che khosh hālam toro dāram // oh I'm so happy, I have you
ey joonam // oh my dear 
ey joonam, dalile budanam // my dear, the reason for my being 
eshghet, mesle khun to tanam // is your love, like blood in my body 
vāy ke che khosh hālam toro dāram // oh I'm so happy, I have you 
ey joonam //my dear 

ey joonam, khazunam // my dear, I'm autumn
bi to abre pore bārunam // without you, I'm a cloud full of rain
biā joonam // come my dear
biā ke ghadre budaneto midunam // come because I know the worth of your presence
miduni, age begi ke mimuni // you know that if you say you'll stay
mano be har chi mikhām miresuni // you will help me get everything I want
to ke jooni, biā begu ke mimuni // since you are alive, come tell me you'll stay 


ey joonam // my dear 
man is hese ghashango be to madyunam // I owe this wonderful feeling to you
midunam tā donyā bāshe, āsheghe to mimunam // I know that as long as there is life [I am alive], I will be in love with you 
midunam mimunam // I know I will


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