Saturday, February 15, 2014

Persian Word of the Day- ghahr

Today's word of the day is another concept that's very typically Iranian:

قهر - ghahr 

I couldn't come up with a good English translation for this (so if you know one, please comment), but when you are ghahr with someone, you are on non-speaking terms. Maybe you've had some sort of a big falling out and no longer talk or maybe it's something smaller and you just don't want to deal with the person for a bitI remember being ghahr with my cousins at least once a day when we were little. Inevitably one of us would do or say something to make the other(s) mad, and then we wouldn't speak to each other for a while. One of my cousins in particular always used to threaten the rest of us with becoming ghahr. "If you do that, then I'm ghahr with you!" Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. 

Recently, I didn't notice a text message from a cousin and soon received another saying, "How come you didn't answer? Ghahr kardi?", Are you mad at me/not talking to me? Not in the least. Just a bit forgetful when it comes to replying, that's all. Do my cousins not know me but at all? 


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