Sunday, February 9, 2014

Poem: Sohrab Sepehri- I Don't Know Why

Wax figure of Sohrab Sepehri in Milad Tower, Tehran

In today's poem, Sohrab Sepehri reminds us that there is beauty in everything. Good and bad are created by thoughts. We just have to stop thinking and view things differently. Hope you enjoy it. 

من نمی دانم که چرا می گویند
اسب حیوان نجیبی است 
کبوتر زیباست
و چرا در قفس هیچ کسی کرکس نیست
گل شبدر چه کم از لاله قرمز دارد
چشم ها را باید شست 
جور دیگر باید دید
واژه ها را باید شست
واژه باید خود باد
واژه باید خود باران باشد
چتر ها را باید بست
زیر باران باید رفت

Sohrab Sepehri is second from the top. Ceramic store in Yazd

I don't know why they say
the horse is a noble animal
and the dove is beautiful
and why no one keeps a vulture.
Why is the clover inferior to the red tulip?
We need to wash our eyes
and view things differently.
We should wash our words
Words should be wind
Words should be rain
We should close the umbrellas
And walk in the rain.

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