Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Little Teabag

Chai darchin ba nabat, Cinnamon tea with rock candy

Today's poem comes to us from a contemporary female Iranian author. I had the honor and privilege of meeting her and reading many of her beautiful poems, but as soon as I saw this cute little one, I knew it would be the first to appear on the blog. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

کیسه کوچک چای تمام عمر دلباخته ی لیوان شد
ولی هر بار حرف دلش را می زد
.صدایش در آب جوش می سوخت
کیسه ی کوچک چای با یک تکه نخ
 رفت تو لیوان حرف دلش را آهسته گفت
!لیوان سرخ شد

A little teabag was lovesick for a cup all his life
but every time he spoke from his heart,
his voice would burn in the boiling water.
The little teabag went into the cup
tied to a piece of string,
and slowly spoke the words from his heart.
The cup blushed!



  1. kheyli qashang! who is the author?i am beginner in persian but i assume it sounds lovely too! mamnunam pontia joon:)

    1. Khahesh mikonam! I'm glad you like it. It's by Neshat Davoodi, and you are right- it sounds even lovelier in Persian :) How long have you been studying Persian? How do you find it?

    2. I have been studying it for 6 months and I love it, language is so melodic, we even share some similar words and i find it lovely, i keep searching for the similarities:) today I tried to read the poem again in Persian and it was success.
      emsal man safar dar iran be niyaz daram va in be man komak kon. :)
      until then Ill keep reading your posts and improving;)
      man sherha az tahirih kheily dust daram name u shayad rooberoo, fekr mikonam ke namjoo va eendo in sher khandand.

    3. That's so great! Wow, impressive that you're reading in Persian- don't you find the poem even lovelier now ;) I love Rooberoo- Namjoo is amazing and one of my absolute favorites.
      I hope you make it to Iran this year- agar amadi hatman begu. Manam Iran khaham bud! :)

    4. I would really love to come, I'm looking for all sorts of volunteering service so I can stay more and learn language better, if you hear anything tell me:) I want different not tourist alike experience:)...
      Hafte pishe man ham yek sher neveshtam- avalin dar farsi... mahtaab bud va man goftam alan ya hichvaqt :)
      Nemindunam agar yaniesh xub nist ama khoshalam for it turned out somehow easy :) without thinking.. Later on I realized that a lot of these words can be seen in Monday music and thank you for teaching assistance :) In shere :
      emshab man be mah miravam,
      mahtaab behem harf mizanad
      to mah mishavi
      va dar mah toro peyda mikonam
      khorshidam, kojai?
      mah bi tun tanhaye tanhayi,
      mesle gel bi parvane
      aseman bi parande
      vali mahtaabam khoshhaal ast
      chon fahmidad atashesh ast
      rahema yek rahe
      delema hamishe safar mikone.



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