Thursday, March 13, 2014

Persian Word of the Day- Kachalam kardan!

I know I've been stressed lately because my inner monologue of wacky Persian insults and idioms inevitably turns into a blog entry. It all started with khāk to sareshun! And that morphed into khabare margeshun! And today I said kachalam kardan!, they made me bald! 

کچل کردن / kachal kardan / to drive [someone] crazy (literally to make bald)

Makes sense, right? Someone or something is driving you so crazy that you can literally feel the hairs popping off your head. 

My friends tell me bābā bikhiāl!, don't worry about it/take it easy! And my aunt tells me that the cure to all my worries is a hape velesh, a "forget about it" pill. They are right. They are all right. As we say, donyā do ruzeh. But just in case, any chance those hape velesh actually exist? 


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