Monday, March 10, 2014

Who Jinxed You? Iranian Superstitions, Part 3

A while back I wrote a couple of posts on Iranian superstitions and ways to prevent being jinxed. While I was watching my favorite show Shahgoosh, I saw a gem of a scene that I just had to share. So there are superstitions and ways to avoid being jinxed, but ever wonder who has jinxed you? Just follow what Officer Khofte's mother does. She desperately wants him to get married, but he rejects all the women he meets. Convinced he's been jinxed, she wants to find out who has done it. She holds an egg over a bowl in one hand and pokes it with a needle after saying the name of each possible suspect. When the egg cracks, that's the person who has jinxed you! In this case, it was, as usual, Officer Sorkhi who "bachamo chesh zade!, jinxed my boy!" to which the father responds, "betereke cheshme hasood!, may jealous eyes burst!" "Terekid!, It burst!", replies the mom.

I would say that's pretty khorāfāti, superstitious, no?

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