Monday, April 28, 2014

Music Monday: Moein- Majnun

Continuing with yesterday's theme of Leyli and Majnun, here is Moein's Majnun. Enjoy!

dard o balāt ghosehāt be junam // may your pains and sufferings be mine
nazār bishtar az in cheshm be rāt bemunam // don't let me wait for you any longer

Majnunam, majnunam // I'm Majnun (a madman)
āsheghune mikhunam // I sing out of love
majnunam, majnunam // I'm Majnun (a madman)
bi to man nemitunam // I can't without you

bezār dastāto tu dastām // put your hands in mine
tā yezare ārum besham // so I can be calm a bit 
Leyliye man bāsh tā mesle majnun (majnun) besham // be my Leyli so I can be like Majnun 
nazār bi to tanhā lahzehāro par par konam // don't let me waste the moments without you
do ruze donyā ro bi to azizam man sar konam // and live the short days without you

bezār fardā bāz dobāre āftāb beshe // let it be sunny again tomorrow
bā to shab o ruzam roshan o royāyishe // with you my night and day be light and dreamy


Shirine* ghesehāye man bāsh ey nāzanin* // be the Shirin* of my stories, my sweetheart 
tak gole bāghe eshghe man bāsh ey nāzanin // be the sole flower of my garden of love my sweetheart 


*Just a note that Shirin and Nāzanin are both girl's names in Persian. Shirin means sweet and refers to the yet another love story, Shirin and Khosrow (or Shirin and Farhad) by Nizami Ganjavi who also wrote Leyli and Majnun


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