Monday, April 14, 2014

Music Monday: Xaniar- Kenare Mahtab

While I was in Iran, I bought a CD filled with random MP3s. The guy told me to just take it because I wouldn't regret it. And he was absolutely right. I have been replaying so many songs that just last week I finally made it to track 106 which turned out to be none other than Xaniar Khosravi, Sirvan's brother. So not only do these brothers have the most wonderfully original names, but they also have catchy songs. Now I'm stuck playing Kenāre Mahtāb, Next to the Moonlight, on repeat. Hope you enjoy!

bi to man hichi nadāram // without you, I have nothing
age to namuni pisham // if you don't stay with me
bi to man tamume kāram // without you I'm finished
age to nabāshi hicham // if you aren't there, I'm nothing
vāse didane to // to see you
har shab ru be āsemun mishinam // I sit every night facing the sky
toro un setāre didam // I saw you in the stars 
ke mikhām uno bechinam // that I want to pick

hamishe man donbāle to // I'm always after you
hamishe to farār az man // you always run away from me
hamishe man besāze to // I always agree with you
borde sāzet gharār az man // Your demands have made me restless

bi to man hichi nadāram // without you, I have nothing

kenāre mahtāb, un bālā bālāhā // next to the moonlight, way up there
nemiresam be to, hālā hālāhā // I can't reach you, any time soon
gozashtan bi to, ruzhā sālhā māh hā // they passed without you, the days, years, months
che afsus ke tā injāhā // what a pity that until here
umadam rāho man be eshghe yāram // I came this way for the love of my sweetheart 
umadam delesho bedast biyāram // I came to win her heart
begam biyā be samte man // to say come in my direction
be diyāre eshgh, be diyāram // to the land of my love, to my land
bā in khiāl ke man ro sare rāhesh // with the belief that she'll see me on her way
bebine o biyofte be man negāhesh // and her gaze will fall upon me
vali kheyli sāde gozasht az kenāram // but she simply passed me by


♥ Pontia

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  1. Great melody and beautiful lyrics.
    Afarin xaniarjaan


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