Sunday, April 27, 2014

Persian Poetry- Baba Taher

Today's poem is another from Baba Taher of Hamedan. In it, he references Leyli and Majnun, one of the most well-known tragic love stories (think Romeo and Juliet). Qays and Leyli fall in love with each other, and Qays soon earns the nickname Majnun, madman, in the community. Leyli's father, refusing to give his daughter to a madman, marries her off to someone else. The rest is history. This couple is referenced quite a bit in songs and poems throughout cultures beyond Iran as well. 

che khosh bi mehrabuniye har do sar bi
ke yek sar mehrabuni dardsar bi
agar Majnun dele shurideyi dāsht
dele Leyli az oo shuridetar bi

How sweet is love when it is mutual
For one-sided love is a headache
If Majnun had a distraught heart
Leyli's was even more distraught than his

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