Wednesday, May 7, 2014

3 Delicious Persian Tongue Twisters

One of the classes that I teach is Pronunciation, and I often give my students tongue twisters as a warm-up. I think I put a couple of Persian tongue twisters on Facebook a while back when I first started, but then they faded away. A dear reader recently emailed me suggesting them, and I thought, of course! How did I forget so soon?

So here are three tongue twisters related to what we Iranians love most in life- doogh, tea, and liver/kabob. Bah bah! 


دوغ گازدار، گاز دوغ دار / dooghe gāzdār, gāze doogh dār

Which roughly translates as: carbonated doogh, dooghy carbonation. What happens as this is said faster and faster is that many people end up saying gooz which means fart, and well, we get a huge kick out of that.

دایی چاقه، چای داغه / dāii chāghe, chāi dāghe / the [maternal] uncle is fat, the tea is hot

And I've seen this last one with either liver or kabob.

شیش سیخ کباب، سیخی شیش هزار shish sikh kabob, sikhi shish hezār

شیش سیخ جگر، سیخی شیش هزار / shish sikh jigar, sikhi shish hezār

six skewers of kabob/liver, 1000 per skewer 

Have fun!


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