Thursday, May 8, 2014

Persian Word of the Day- salavāt!

Ok, so it's not exactly a Persian word as it is Arabic, but we use it a lot in Iran, too. صلوات Salavāt is a prayer/blessing, something along the lines of a Hail Mary. When someone says Salavāt! everyone around is supposed to say:

allāhumma sali allā Mohammadan va āle Mohammad, which is Arabic for Allah bless Mohammad and the people of Mohammad

You'll hear this is mosques, in prayer circles, during prayer, etc. But never have I heard more salavāt being sent than when I was in the Zurkhaneh in Yazd. It was constantly, "In the name of our guests who have come here tonight, salavāt! (allāhumma...)... For the health of [one of the Zurkhaneh men] salavāt! (allāhumma...)... Whoever is not tired yet send a salavāt (allāhumma...)!" I saw many confused looks on the faces of the foreigners who were looking around wondering what the rest of us kept chanting from time to time in unison.  

I've had a very long and quite challenging semester for reasons that I will not elaborate on, but it officially ended yesterday. There is nothing left to say now except: the semester is finally OVER. Salavāt! 


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