Friday, May 30, 2014

Qajar Princess for a Day

Since summer is here and it's always a popular time to go to Iran, I thought I'd suggest something you might be interested in doing if you are there (or going in the future). This is something I did for the first time when I was a teenager, but I wouldn't dare embarrass myself by posting those pictures. On my last trip, I was looking forward to doing this again, so when I saw the set up at Golestan Palace in Tehran, I beelined toward the photographer and asked where I could change my clothes. 

All throughout Iran particularly around the tourist attractions, you can wear traditional clothes and take pictures in an old traditional scene. When I did this years ago in the Caravanserai in Neyshabur, I was weaving cotton alongside my brother who was a shepherd. The photographer kept joking that I hardly looked like a traditional country girl with my bright nail polish. This time the lady let me try on a couple of different looks, told me how to pose, and snapped a few shots after which I chose the ones I wanted. While I was visiting the next museum, she printed them out- 10,000 tomans (about $3) per picture.

In Neyshabur, I saw some women doing this around the mausoleums of Attar and Kamal ol Molk which also made for a nice scene. I was almost tempted to do it again.

Just something fun to do while you are there!


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