Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Milad Tower Stores

Milad Tower is worth a visit for the wonderful views of Tehran (pollution permitting). On the way back down from the top, I stopped to visit some of the stores. There was a store with lots of cute ceramics and new-agey books, others selling beautiful silk rugs, leather goods, and other typical handmade Iranian products. What I was looking for, though, was a snow globe. Don't ask me why, but I collect little snow globes of different cities, and I don't have one of Iran. Actually, I don't think I've ever seen one there. 

"Read books instead."
I ended up in this store below because although it didn't have snow globes, it had miniatures made of shaved stone of different sites around Iran. And of course the sign with a picture of Khayyam's mausoleum talking about turquoise from Neyshabur called me in even more. I ended up buying a mini Milad Tower and Azadi Square because of my memories of it. And because of the Neyshaburi connection, the owner also threw in a keychain with the letter "P" and a carnelian pendant. 

Neyshabur turquoise

miniature Milad Tower and Azadi Square

Before going here, my cousin had read about the beverage house and suggested I check it out. Unfortunately I had to beat Tehran traffic back home to catch a flight, so I didn't have time, but it's one of the places I want to return to. They are supposed to have a lot of the typical Iranian drinks/sharbat. Hopefully next time!

Beverage House


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