Monday, June 9, 2014

Music Monday: Ali Zand Vakili- Zohreh

I'm kind of doing today's song for my own benefit. I always hear it during the end credits of the TV show Shahgoosh, and I love it and wanted to know the words. After a bit of research, I found out it's a remake of the classic by Dariush Rafiee whose song Montazerat Budam, I Was Waiting for You, has always been a favorite of mine. This song is called Zohreh, which is a girl's name and means Venus

yād az ān ruzi ke budi // in memory of the day that you were 
Zohre yāre man // Zohre my sweetheart 
dur az cheshme raghibān // far from competitors' eyes
dar kenāre man // by my side
hāliyā khālist jāyat // now your place is empty [now I wish you were here]
ay negāre man // my love
dar shāme tāre man // in my dark nights,
ākhar kojāi Zohreh // where are you Zohreh?

yād dāri Zohreh // do you remember Zohreh
ān ruzi ke dar sahrā // that day in the meadow
dast andar daste ham // my hand in yours
gardesh konān tanhā // wandering alone
rāh miraftim mā dar beyne shaghāyegh hā // we walked together through the poppies

bud ālame mā rā lotf o safāyi Zohreh // our world was meaningful because of your grace and kindness, Zohreh

bud hengāme ghorub ān ruz ofāgh zibā // that day the sunset on the horizon was beautiful
istādim az barāye didanesh ānjā // we stopped there to gaze at it
tekiye to bar sineyam dādi sare khod rā // you laid your head on my chest
goftim o mānd tanhā bas rāzhāyi Zohreh // we talked but still had untold secrets, Zohreh

chon yaghin kardi ke dar eshghet gereftāram // when you were sure that I was entrapped in your love
sard gashti o namudi in chenin khāram // you gave me the cold shoulder and put me down

khod nakardi fekr ākhar nāzanin yāram // you didn't think that at the end, my dear love
man ham cho to dāram // just as you do,
ākhar khodāi Zohreh // I also have a God, Zohreh

Knife. In. Heart. So beautiful. So tragic. 

These days there are so many Iranian singers and quite frankly, a lot of them sound the same to me. I have to say Ali Zand Vakili (and Reza Sadeghi and Mohsen Namjoo who I adore) are a few who truly have unique, memorable voices and songs. If you liked this song/this type of music, check out his others. You won't be disappointed. 


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