Monday, June 16, 2014

Music Monday: Arash- Iran Iran 2014

In honor of Iran's first World Cup match today... Go Iran!

mā bachehāye irunim // we are the children of Iran
hamishe iruni mimunim // we will always stay Iranian
bā ham yek sedā mikhunim // together with one voice we sing
bā ham yek sedā // together with one voice
Iran, Iran, Iran // Iran, Iran, Iran 

parchamesh to dasthāmune // the flag is in our hands
faryāde Irane ruye labhāmune // the cheers for Iran are on our lips
hāle harifo migirim // we'll disappoint our rivals 
age pāsh biyofte // if necessary
vāse Iran mimirim // we'll die for Iran

nasle man nasle āriā // my race is the Aryan one
khun garm o khāki, biriyā // warm and humble, genuine
harjā ke bāsham // wherever I am
harjāye donyā // wherever in the world
jānam fadāye zare zare khāke Iran // I'll die for every last bit of Iran's soil

Kuroshe Kabir soltāne // Cyrus the Great was king
Ārashe Kamāngir ahle Irane // Arash the Archer was from Iran
jānam fadāye farhang o // I'll sacrifice myself [die] for the culture and
do hezār o punsad sāl tamadone Iran // the 2,500 year old Iranian civilization


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