Monday, June 2, 2014

Music Monday: Ehsan Khaje Amiri- Darya

A couple of months ago, a student of mine asked if I was going to Ehsan Khaje Amiri's concert that was happening the next week. I hadn't heard of him. "You mean you don't know Ehsan Khaje Amiri!? He's huge in Iran!" I later asked my mom if she knew Ehsan... (I had already forgotten his last name), and she quickly answered, "Khaje Amiri! Yes, I have several of his CDs. He's Iraj's son- the classic singer." That didn't really help me out either, but after hearing some of his songs, I thought- not bad at all! Hope you enjoy Daryā, Sea.

man injuri nemitunam // I can't like this
ye sāddi beyne ghalbe māst // there is a barrier between our hearts
to bāyad ghargh shi dar man // you should drown in me
befahmi ki delesh daryāst // to find out whose heart is a sea

man injuri nemitunam // I can't like this
to pāye man nemishini // you won't wait for me
to ro unghadr bakhshidam // I forgave you so much 
bozorgimo nemibini // you don't see my greatness

hamishe maghsadam budi // you were always my destination
kojā bā to safar kardam? // where did I travel with you?
cheghadr tanhā beram daryā // how many times should I go to the sea alone?
cheghadr tanhāyi bargardam // how many times should I come back alone?

man injuri delam khosh nist // I'm not happy like this
shabam bā tars ham marze // my nights are full of fear
behesht ham un varesh bāshe // even if heaven is on the other side
be in barzakh nemiarze // it's not worth this limbo

man injuri nemitunam // I can't like this
to injāyi o man tanhām // you're here and I'm alone
dāram mimiram az bas ke // I'm dying because
nagoftam chi azat mikhām // I didn't tell you what I want



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