Thursday, June 19, 2014

The 'Very' Important Ezafe

If you are studying Persian, you are surely aware of the ezāfe "e" sound we add to the end of a word for the possessive or to show it's relationship to the next word, like computer-e man, the computer of me, or my computer

I've noticed we also add this ezāfe between the same two adjectives to mean very. For example, dāghe dāgh, hot of hot, simply meaning very hot. Soupe dāghe dāgh bud, the soup was very hot. Or sarde sard, very cold

If you slip in some mud, your clothes might become kasife kasif, very dirty.

My cousin was not feeling well, and I asked if she was better. She replied khube khub shodam, I'm very well/awesome!

You remember the word toop? One of the meanings is that a person is rich. You might hear vazesh toope toope!, he's extremely rich!

Just another use of the ezafe!


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