Friday, July 18, 2014

It's Friday! Wait, the weekend's over?

 There is nothing I look forward to more than the weekend. Ok, that’s a lie. I look forward to three-day weekends more. And every Sunday I think, if only I could have one more day off. And when Monday is a holiday, that evening I think, this is more like it. All weekends should be like this.

In adjusting to life here in Iran, one of the things that I’ve had to get used to is this whole weekend schedule situation. Here, Friday is the weekend. That’s it. Just one day. This throws off my entire sense of the week because I keep counting Monday as the first day. My days are constantly off, and I repeatedly ask, “What day is it?” And no more 9-5. Office hours are from 7am until about 2pm and that’s it, which accounts for one more day during the week. Some places have Thursday off or they work until about noon and leave early for the weekend. So right when I start to get comfy for the weekend, it’s back to work!

Thursday evening, known as shabe Jom’e, the night of Friday and not to be confused with Jom’e shab, Friday night, people are out and about and the streets are busy. Shabe Jom’as, dige, it’s Thursday night after all.  They are out until the wee hours on Friday nights too which should be normal, but then I remember, don’t these people have to work in the morning? What are they still doing out? Wait, I am now also one of these people.

In a way it works for me because I’m more productive in the morning, but I could really use one more day during the weekends. And that’s what happens when you complain about a 2-day weekend, friends. It gets taken away from you and reduced to a mere one. I should shut up now lest this one day get taken away from me, too.


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