Saturday, July 26, 2014

Persian Word of the Day- khodā vakili

This is another word that I hear a lot in Iran. "There may always be a line out the door at Moslem, but it's worth the wait. Khodā vakili, the kabob is delicious." (Moslem is the name of a restaurant, but not pronounced like the English Muslim. It’s in the Tehran bazaar, and there is usually a line down the stairs out to the bazaar and wraps around down the street. Try it. It’s a bit of an intense experience, though- be prepared.)

خدا وکيلي khodā vakili literally means God as an attorney, and is kind of like the English truly/honestly/honest to God, etc. 

The A/C in the room where I work is super powerful to the point where sometimes I have to turn it off because I notice my fingers are semi-frozen, and I’m not able to type as quickly. I then come out into the 43 C degree weather and khodā vakili enjoy it as I thaw out (but then I immediately run back into the room with the Arctic temperature). Today a colleague walked in, said something, and left. She immediately opened the door again and said, "Khodā vakili, your room is really nice and cold." Khodā vakili it is, and I thank God for it every day. If it weren’t for that A/C and the nightly cold showers that I look oh-so forward to, khodā vakili there would be nothing left of me in this heat.

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  1. Thank you very much. I am learning so much.

    Keep it up!!!!


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