Monday, November 17, 2014

Music Monday: Morteza Pashaei- Dele Man, Dele To

Today's Music Monday is in honor of the young 30-year-old beloved pop singer Morteza Pashaei who passed away from stomach cancer this weekend. There was a massive crowd of fans who attended his funeral today here in Tehran. I hope you enjoy Dele Man Dele To, My Heart, Your Heart and his beautiful voice. Roohesh shād, God rest his soul.

toro mibinamo hol mikonam // when I see you, I panic
hamechiyo tahamol mikonam // I endure everything
tu khiālam ākhe māle mani // in my imagination/mind you're mine
to ke faghat tu khiāle mani // but you're only in my imagination/mind
vāse didane to // to see you
donyā ro be ham mirizam // I'll tear the world apart
dige rāhi namund // there's no other way 
biyā pisham azizam // come to me my dear

(1) age āsheghe mesle dele man dele to // if your heart is in love like mine
age dust dāri hatā ye zare mano // if you love me even a little
age hese mano to ham hes mikoni // if you feel what I feel 
chi mishe ye dafe begi māle mani? // what would happen if you say once that you're mine?
nazār tanhā bemunam // don't let me be lonely
biyā ārume junam // come on my love
dige bi to nemitunam // I can't without you anymore
bebin abriye cheshmām // see my eyes are cloudy 
bezār dast tuye dastām // put your hands in mine
ghade donyā toro mikhām // I want you as much as the world

age havāseto pishe mane // if you pay attention to me
age cheshāt behem zol mizāne // if your eyes stare at me
age to ham be man fekr mikoni // if you also think about me
cherā mikhāy beri del bekani // why do you want to leave me?

ākhe cheshmāye to // your eyes
be khodā dorugh nemige // don't lie, I swear
mano dust dāri khob // you love me, ok
begu ye bāre dige // say it one more time

Repeat 1

toro mibinamo hol mikonam // when I see you, I panic


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