Friday, November 20, 2015

Eating Faloodeh With the Shah

Recently, some of my Instagram shots have been reposted on other pages. I always get excited when this happens and feel the need to immediately share the photo with my closest friends and family. 


After the first two, I thought tā se nashe, bāzi nashe, expecting 3 to be a charm. It was charming indeed. But then a fourth one was also reposted. I decided to toot my own horn again and shared it with a friend. He wrote back, "You're famous now! Dige bā shāh ham faloodeh nemikhori!"

دیگه با شاه هم فالوده نمی خوره
Dige bā shāh ham faloodeh nemikhore, he/she won't even eat faloodeh with the shah [king] anymore

Faloodeh shirazi

If someone has something good going on in their life and they've completely lost all modesty and perhaps don't think anyone else is as worthy as they are, they won't eat faloodeh with the king. The only English equivalent I've been able to think of for this one is someone thinking his/her shit don't stink. There has got to be a less slangy one, but I can't think of it. Any help, anyone?

While I like to celebrate and share these little moments of happiness with my loved ones, I in no way would't not eat faloodeh with the king (I've used too many negatives and confused myself- I don't think I need that last "not" in there.) Basically, I'm happy to eat faloodeh with the king any day of the week- not so much for the king, but for the faloodeh... how could anyone resist the best Iranian dessert ever? 

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  1. Mamnoon khanoum
    bisiyaar lazzat burdam az yaad giriftan i iin istilah. midaniid, faludeh beh hind hum bisiyaar aam ast. ma ma'mulan faludeh ra ba kulfi(ice cream) mikhoriim.valii nadanistam keh faludeh asalan az Iran ast. jalib ast!
    zindeh bashid

    1. Mamnoonam Vijay jan ke khundi o lezzat bordi :) Manam nemidunestan ke to Hind ham faloudeh hast. Che jaleb! Movafagh bashi!


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