Monday, November 23, 2015

Music Monday: Sogand- Delom

Music Monday is back with Sogand's The Lom (Delom). Enjoy. 

delom emruz be ārumiye khod khu karde // my heart has adapted to its calmness today
vāy junom, vāy delbar // oh my soul, oh my sweetheart
yāde cheshmune siāhesh mano jādu karde // the memory of his black eyes has bewitched me
vāy junom, vāy delbar // oh my soul, oh my sweetheart

delom peyesh par mizane // my heart flies away searching for him
be har dari dar mizane // it knocks on every door
be har khune sar mizane // it visits every house 

delom peyesh par mizane 
be har dari dar mizane
be har khune sar mizane
delom, delom, delom // my heart, my heart, my heart 

hanuz az daste ghamash dideye mā geryune // my eyes are still crying of sorrow
vāy junom, vāy delbar // oh my soul, oh my sweetheart

ba'de omri hanuzam morghe delom nālune // after a lifetime, my heart's bird is still weepy
vāy junom, vāy delbar // oh my soul, oh my sweetheart

mirom migardom sar be sar // I'll go and search everywhere
dasht o daman kuh o kamar // plains, meadows, mountains, and valleys
mirom az ou girom khabar // I'll go to ask about it

mirom migardom sar be sar 

dasht o daman kuh o kamar
mirom az ou girom khabar
mirom, mirom, mirom // I'll go, I'll go, I'll go

khodā mehrabune, yāre āsheghune, dele mā javune, vāy, vāy, vāy // God is kind, He is lovers' helper, our heart is young, oh, oh, oh



  1. delom, junom, mirom, migardom — where’s this “om” stuff from?

    Had another listen to some Sogand songs after this post. Under one a guy had commented something like, I listened to this “ba havase nunkhamei” — with creampuff attention?! Is that a regular expression?

    Thanks for your posts. Always informative and helpful, always enjoyed.

    1. The "om" stuff is a southern dialect if I'm not mistaken.
      With a craving for creampuffs? Not sure about that one. As far as I know it's not a regular expression.
      Thanks for reading and for the support :)


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